Sunday, May 01, 2011

put a band-aid on it!

I love it when I see a child instantly soothed by a sticking plaster. How can it be that the pain and humiliation of a scraped knee can be magically taken away just by putting something over it!

And often, for some mad reason, I delay this process with my children....No! you don't need a plaster, it won't help, there's no mark! look, there's not even any blood!

What am I thinking! If the process of putting a plaster where there is a hurt (real or perceived) actually works, why put it off? Why do I think that discussion, cuddles, distraction, are going to be any more effective?

Made me think...all this stuff about looking at our problems, facing reality, dealing with we really truly have to do this with every little thing? Is is ALWAYS the case that by ignoring something (ergo 'putting a plaster on it') will result in the problem never really truly going away?

Now I am all for addressing problems. I also agree that sometimes little things, if left unaddressed, can turn into big things. But all this stuff about discussing and dissecting every last little issue in our lives and relationships in order to keep them whole?

I think I have to disagree. Sometimes a plaster/bandaid/sticking plaster (depending on which country you are reading this in!) is just the right thing!

It instantly makes the problem out of sight...and maybe then out of mind. It covers up the yukky stuff, might even stop the bleeding. It protects it from the perils of nature and infection. It keeps it covered and allows us to go about our normal life without fear of disturbance. It allows the damage to heal slowly and quietly on it's own, without extra prodding and poking and investigation.

Maybe not so good for something that requires major medical intervention, but for the little problems, sounds like a GREAT idea to me!

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