Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The one video about faith, sexuality, and all things God and Gay that everyone should watch

My readers know this is an issue I have strong feelings about this - and nothing sums up my thoughts better than this video.

Substitute the word Catholic with Anglican/Pentecostal/Christian...whatever...the message is the same - powerful, challenging and humbling.

More details is at - a terrific website for anyone with faith type questions.

That is all.  As always your comments are welcome.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I love lifehacks (and lists....)

Anyone who knows me every a little bit (or a lot) knows that I have a...erm...slight obsession...with lists, systems, organisation type stuff and minimalism.

I also like Pinterest for collecting these things (cool stuff no clutter!) , sites like Project 333, and lifehack type videos from Buzzfeed (most are useless)  or

Howards Storage World is my kind of heaven, and the playcentre mother in me finds it hard to throw out 'containers that might come in handy'.  So, due to popular demand, here's my first 15 ways to stay organised at my place. (For your viewing pleasure I didn't include my 'always at the ready' cleaning box and my step by step system to keeping the house tidy. that would be way too much excitement for one day!

the wrapping stuff that fits between frozen pastry is the
best thing ever for keeping cheese fresh in the fridge. love it. 

make sure you don't forget the wine.
put your keys on top of anything you've left in someones fridge

hooks at the back door -
 always a brolly, helmet and jacket at the ready

because every home should have one - $30 at Nood

my 'safe place' -
everything that needs to go in a safe place goes in here.
It gets sorted every couple of months.
amazing how many broken bits of nothing end up here tho...

My life is stupidly busy.
 Everything I need to remember goes in my i-phone diary
(this is not real...
I can remember to kiss the kids goodnight without help...)

I buy presents year round and keep this storage box topped up.
Paper and cards too.
the kids then can 'shop from the box' for a friend
(saves a trip to the Warehouse) and I never get caught on the hop

the inner from a Ferrero Roche box is the perfect earring holder

hooks at the back of my double wardrobe
(the rail has been moved into the cavity on the left),
and jewellery racks made by the kids for necklaces)

Plastic boxes that the kiwifruit came in.
Perfect for kids stationery in a desk drawer.

inners from rice cracker packets.
all kinds of boys stuff in here

a small sponge bag kept always packed.
yes that's earplugs (you never know when you might need them
and hotel aircon systems are noisy!)

basic tool box stored in the hot water cupboard
(a pain to go outside on a dark night for a spare nail or something)
drink bottles kept full and frozen ready to go
the inners of the camelbaks live in the freezer too
(which eliminates bugs and nasties)
i keep one of those supermarket brand chilly bags in the car
packed with reusable bags, sun hat, knife and fork, plates and a towel.
never get  caught short if there's the possibility of a picnic!

shoe hanger re purposed in tween wardrobe
for scarves and hats and things.
small carry bags hung on a coathanger for ease of access

What's your favourite - or can you share another?
As always, your comments are welcome!