Thursday, May 19, 2011

letting go

I watched 'drop dead diva' last night.

Actually I watch it most weeks. The theme is irritatingly repetitive - once thin model girl dies and turns into fat career girl. will her otherlife boyfriend fall in love with her again or won't he? can she be happy being a fat career girl?

But last night, one line really did resonate with me. As Jane is thinking of her previous life (it's birthday time) she realises she has to move on from who she no longer is. The line? 'perhaps in order to move on I have to let go'.

Not terribly deep perhaps - or even an original idea, but I liked it. It is SO easy to hang on to the past, even a crappy past, because it's what we know and love (or want to love). It's so easy to spend time thinking of how things might have been, should have been or could have been.

But how liberating to literally loosen our grip on that stuff that can't be changed, and instead point those same fingers in a new direction. I think letting things 'be', however they were is hard...I don't pretend to know even how to begin...and it certainly doesn't mean that what is in the past, or even the now, is not important or valuable or impactful.

But, I figure to hang on tight to the past means it's impossible to even turn and look at the future let alone embrace it.

I choose to let go.

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