Thursday, April 28, 2011

When saying YES also means saying NO - ruminations on compromise

When I say YES to a relationship with a significant other, I am also saying NO to all that has gone before, and all that may have been ahead.

When I say YES to my children, I might also be saying NO to something I would rather have done.

When I say YES to more chocolate, I'm probably saying NO to the skinny jeans in the wardrobe.

When I say YES to a night on the town, I'm (happily!) saying NO to staying in with a movie.

When I say YES to a fabulous pair of new shoes, I'm also saying NO to reducing my credit card bill.

When I say YES to joining a committee I'm saying NO to another evening in front of the TV.

When I say YES to something I'm passionate about, I'm saying NO to the same old stuff I might have done last week.

When I say YES to the unknown I'm saying NO to boring, mundane and predictable.


Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

There is definitely always a "no" when there is a "yes". But I love your last point - so often the benefits of the "yes" outweigh those of the "no"! Great post! xx

mighty acorns said...

thanks Sarah! And I actually DID say yes to the shoes:)