Sunday, May 29, 2011

boys and girls come out to play

The conversation turned, as oft it does in the company of single men and women, to the ins and outs (or more specifically highs and lows...) of relationships.
It meandered through the usual semi-serious desparaging remarks about our qualities and attractiveness, post 40.  We laughed at some insights, compared war stories, made broad generalisations on the state of male/female relationships.
The question arose: could men have women for friends without benefits...or without the complications of growing/continued emotional attachment? Could women in vice versa?
Opinions were sharply divided.  Interestly, one woman said, absolutely not - either the ones you wanted to grow potential never did, or the ones you weren't interested in made unwelcome moves.

Another said, yes it's possible.  The man in the group said, yes, of course, many of my friends are women.

I've had this conversation with so many people.  It occurred to me that in my immediate circle of friends (not counting those of new acquaintance), I am the only single.  in the wider 'single friends' group, there is pretty much men only (in fact just one other female friend).  Which says to me, yes, men and women CAN be friends.  The spark that's needed to grow and enjoy friendship doesn't necessarily have to translate into anything more...even though sometimes that is nice, and desirable.

I am glad my kids see me having friendship with both men and women.  They love my male friends - possibly more than the 'mummy' friends actually (so much more fun, less growling, more play).

I really enjoy male company - it's a different dynamic to time with the girls...

What do you think?

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