Friday, May 13, 2011

feeling thingy

Tonight was one of those proud moments in a mother's life that remind us why we do it all.

I've had, frankly, a stoopid week. I've clocked up over 500 km in the car since Monday and it's only Thursday. I've juggled work for two jobs, attended 3 meetings, and spend a heap of time on running-around-for-kids stuff. My head has pounded mercilessly (no matter how much coffee I drink it just won't stop....) and my normal insomnia (I wake about every 40 minutes) has increased to lying away counting coffee cups (I mean, sheep, obviously). My floor hasn't been vacuumed since Saturday - aaargh this is me we're talking about remember. Son commented today as he got in the bath having unsuccessfully tried to stuff his clothes in the washbasket, 'gee Mum, it's about time you did some washing!'. I've had lunch with two friends this week (lovely), a brief coffee with another (also lovely although way too short!), and had fleeting conversations with my parents. I need, I think, around 4.25 hours extra each day and then I'd be about right...

I'm still ever so slightly, just a tiny bit, marginally and nominally a bit sore about the stuff I blogged on last week. I have heard several people, when I mention this is my 'childfree' weekend approach, sign enviously and say 'oh I wish I could have some of those'. (A topic for another blog perhaps, but I often think, yeah well, I wish I could have a real family one like you have...)

But tonight, as I watched my beautiful daughter on stage, singing her heart out with 500 odd other primary aged kids, I was fit to burst. As was her Nana, and her best friend, who I brought along to the concert.

There is nothing as uplifting as kids singing. In the words of a friend, it made me feel all 'thingy' - know what I mean?

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