Saturday, May 07, 2011

feeling Pollyanna

Yesterday we all slept in. everyone had a bad nights sleep and so I was reluctant to get out of bed myself, let alone wake the children. It was almost luxurious, lying in bed on a weekday until 8.30 am.
Until, the reality of having to be out of the house and at school by 9 am hit.
On the upside, with only 25 minutes to do everything, I only had to shout once...

Last night there was a storm. Well, heavy rain, but when you're eight it feels like a storm...I was up. and down. and up. and down. we lost special doll at 4 am. cold feet at 5 am. finally back to sleep at 5.30.
On the upside, the kids were happy to mooch in bed until 8.30 again, so I got a cup of coffee at a reasonable temperature.

I got back the school photos this week - you know those ones we pay way way too much for and are invariably disappointed with, the bland blue background and slightly turned head of each child nicely contrasting their cheesy smiles and highlighting the grease stain on their shirt that you never notice in normal light? $70 for a pile of photos that really aren't a whole lot nicer than something I could take myself.
On the upside, that's Mother's Day, Fathers Day and birthdays for whanau taken care of for 2011.

This week I have worked my ass off (well not literally, as nice as that might be). It's !@#!! hard work juggling 2 jobs and 2 kids. And more work from my erstwhile job arrived last night too. My diary has appointment over appointment and I'm anticipating a $150 petrol bill coming up for next week.
On the upside, at least I can justify all the money I spent on those shoes last week...

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