Saturday, May 21, 2011

care to dance?

21 reasons I love to go dancing...

I get to wear great shoes

Once a week, for two hours, I get to think about nothing but me

The music simply makes me feel terrific

It's a great way to exercise

I get treated like a girl...or is that a lady:)

It's like Prom night, once a month, every month

I get to wear gorgeous shoes

Dancers have lots of energy - I love that

I forget I used to be the shortsighted fat redhead

It's just damn good clean fun

I have an excuse to get dressed up

Every song is a great song to dance to

There's always someone who wants to dance with me

I can have a great night out with no hangover

Did I mention the shoes?

It doesn't matter how old, or fat, or young or thin you are, it's still great fun

A great lighting system makes everyone look 10 years younger

It's a great night out for hardly any $$$

There's always someone new to dance with

And there's always some new moves to learn

Oh, and I get to wear really really great shoes! :)

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