Monday, May 16, 2011

extreme weather conditions

Well this is a first for me...feeling I don't really know what to talk about here. Not because I have nothing to say (yeah right!!!) but because there's so much to think about.
It's been a week of real highs and lows for my little family.
As I mentioned in my last post, I had a mentally and physically exhausting week last week. 4 meetings, about 30 hours of work, 800 km of driving, and the usual day to day stuff. whew! But also it was tinged with some sadness. Last Wednesday a good friend moved away - a long way away and I will miss her. There was a funeral - a good mate of FDH who died unexpectedly and tragically, leaving children, a partner, a business. Yesterday, it was time to say goodbye to another wonderful friend and her family who are moving, also quite far away, to explore new opportunities.
the Dancing Queen was in tears, the laughing engineer took it all in his stride. She had an argument with the friend only minutes before our goodbyes, and when you're 8, that's pretty huge. She 'didn't want to talk about it' and just wanted to 'get over it'...through the tears and self recriminations.
And the highs...well they were highs all right. Dance party on Friday night, so so much fun and more so with every week as I slowly improve and get more confident with being flung around a dance floor. Saturday I was on my feet, as door person at the Ceroc Champs, from midday to midnight - and the time just flew. Absolutely astounding dancers, a wonderful friendly atmosphere and the night ended on a high when several of my dancing friends received trophies.
The club owners are amazing and worked like mad to make the weekend the success it was.

I think I've had about 8 hours sleep since Thursday....not helped by the galeforce winds, and accompanying rain that pounded the windows last night (remind me again why I live under a mountain on the west side of NZ...). But coffee is beautiful, and my intray is empty.

I'm goin' shopping:)

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