Friday, January 09, 2009

questions still burning

how frustrating. my most profound blog and it didn't publish properly. and now nearly a year down the track the questions come thicker and faster than before.

it has been quite a year for me, including separation from my husband of 14 years, finding a new home for the chlildren and I and undergoing somewhat of a faith transformation. as my 'exterior' life has been transformed, so has my internal soulfulness and reliance on God. How profound that I discovered that when I was unable to fix everything myself, and that by immersing myself and reliquishing myself in God, my life started to come together.

Slowly and sometimes in circles it must be said, but looking back now I can really see how life has come together. And I feel happy that some of the good memories can outweigh the pain.

And that they all can remain in a past that no longer defines me.