Monday, June 20, 2011

be prepared!

Last Sunday I was part of the investiture of NZ's newest scouting group.  Keas, cubs and 4 new leaders had their investiture and were presented with their scarves.  It was a really interesting ceremony, including promises, laws salutes and handshakes.

It's a whole new world, this Scouting one.  I had no idea there was so much formality, so many rituals (wolf yell anyone?)  and tradition.  It was so terrific to see so many families connecting and commiting to what on the surface essentially appears to be a rather old fashioned (or at least old school!) way of bringing kids together.

The leaders all took on names (bird names in the case of ours).  I am yet to decide on a name - as I am not a nickname person - don't even like being called a derivative of my OWN name! - I am struggling with this a bit!

Especially considering that on arriving at the investiture I offhandedly mentioned to the organisers that I 'probably should have been invested today, just so there is another person warranted' - and ended up being invested as Group Leader - responsible for the whole shebang!

I'm a bit nervous about that - just how much extra work is this going to entail for me?  I often already feel a bit stretched and do not want to do a half hearted job.  However I am really excited about seeing this group get well established, and it is a great opportunity to be there from the beginning, so with that in mind I will approach this with an open mind (and a can-do attitude...very Scouting!)

Besides, what else would I do with all that time I am awake in the night!!?

you can see more about what we will be up to at

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JoGillespie said...

Good for you, Susan (Brown Owl? Tui? Perky the Pukeko?). I would love to do this here, as I was a Brownie and then a Guide, and really got so much out of it. However, the thought of doing it all in a 2nd language AND dealing with the, well, anyway, makes me pause...