Wednesday, June 08, 2011

purging,splurging and emerging

are those not some of the most evocative words you've ever heard? (or heard today...)

Purging - the want of many, the obsession of few.  In this instance I'm referring to stuff-purging, which I have written about before.  I am almost there! There is almost nothing left in my house that I do not believe to be useful or beautiful (thanks you William Morris!).  It's a great feeling.  I can clean the house in an hour if I'm quick, less than two if I'm careful.  I've decreased my weekly spending heaps too - just by using up everything that's about the place (currently the bathroom, home of samples and half empty bottles).  The garage is almost finished, just a few odd things to re-home, and then it can become a relatively safe outside playspace for the kids for winter.
The pantry - well that's a work in progress, but I am slowly weaning myself off my appliance/gadget addiction, and unhealthy habit of buying interesting but largely unpalatable condiments.

But ah the splurging! For what would life be without a little mad money!  Right now, my splurging is shoes (duh!) and dresses.  I reckon there's a real gap in the market for a vintage/preloved shop just selling dressy clothes.  I can't bring myself to spend $100 on a dress and so I've been lurking on TradeMe - and wow are there some bargains to be had there.  There must be a whole community of women who wear high end clothes once and then put them up for sale.  Principals, Mei Mei, Trelise, all a steal!

I was selling stuff on Trade Me too, but I've tended lately to go down the 'give it away' route.  I figure that people are so generous to me, especially with kids stuff, that the least I can do is give away some of the things I no longer have a use for.

I'm particularly fond of the 'Pay it Forward' idea - whilst not really a karma kind of girl, i think there's real merit in doing a good turn in gratitude for one done to you.

I'm trying to teach my children the same principals....purge those things (physical or otherwise) that we don't need, want, or care for any more.  occasionally, splurge on something fabulous.  And in the meantime, continue to show intentional honour to those whose paths we cross, which can only make us better people.


Broot said...

I love getting rid of stuff!! I do it all the time. And hey look at your blog!! This is what happens when you look only at the RSS feed - you don't see wonderful changes. I like it! :)

mighty acorns said...

thanks! always good to purge even the electronic stuff!

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Purging always feels good! I do it to my wardrobe every 3 months!