Monday, June 06, 2011

dream weaving

I fear my post on nightmares may have been a self prophecy.
After 9 months of being nightmare-free (give or take), at least my insomnia was manageable.
But suddenly the weirdo, help my kids are missing type of dreams are back.
The suckiest thing about being single? waking up from a bad dream alone.

I did have one REALLY weird one last week at your own risk!

I am dancing.  I am really enjoying it, lots of twirling and spinning.
I have a great dance partner, who is delighting in spinning me around.
The dance partner morphs into a Bolivian folk singer called Fonterra, and is now my boyfriend.  He has long black hair, a flashing smile and a shark tooth earring.  He is short.  (I have danced in real life with someone who kind of looks like this).
I look across to ask another man to dance.  I really want to dance with the other guy. It's someone I know in real life.    But in the dream he has become a Hare Krishna.  He's jumping around with his drum, having a great time, extolling the virtues of his newfound passion, with such fervour that he is oblivious to all that is happening around him. Then he's dancing right in front of me and saying, 'soon, later, I just want to finish this dance first'.  
Fonterra keeps pulling me away, but because he is so short I can see the other guy over his head.

I wake up feeling exhausted and discombobulated.

It's was so vivid I can can still recall the details of it, 10 days later.

I've described this dream to a couple of people, the interpretations are extraordinary.  What do you think it means?


JoGillespie said...

Hmmm, doesn't sound like a nightmare much...dancing with someone yummy? Anyway, I usually go with the idea that dreaming is just mental housekeeping - you've been thinking about dancing a lot recently, and it is just your brain's way of making room. But I also think that sometimes dreams are our subconscious mulling something over and bringing us answers, or presenting our problems in ways we must decipher. I would say that the fact there were two partners, and you wanted one more than another points to the fact that you have a choice to make - and one option seems attractive, but you're worried that it doesn't fit with your current lifestyle.

JoGillespie said... I also found this...