Wednesday, June 01, 2011

grumpy old bag

I want to be one of those loving positive mothers I really do.  When my kids are fractious, I want to be the one who says, 'oh, let's blow bubbles' or 'aha, what you need is to come and cook with me'..

But, the truth is, I'm not that person.  Yes, mostly I'm positive, but I sometimes find myself saying NO almost as an automatic reaction to my kids requests before I've even digested the question.  Can I have a - NO! Mum, will you - NO! Can I go to - NO

I saw the shorts for a movie, called The Boys are Back.  In it, the actor says, Just Say Yes.  It's about parenting alone, it makes sense to me, kind of.

We rob ourselves, and our kids, of such simple joys, all in the name of calm, order, quiet and minimising mess.

I resolve to say YES more and NO less.

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Dave said...

This is something I have struggled with a lot, with 5 of them there is always someone wanting something.
It truly does take a conscious effort at times to say yes..and to not regret saying it.