Saturday, June 18, 2011

luxury weekend retreat in the wottifs

I have come to realise that I spend way too much time worrying - no, make that, visiting the past, and wondering about the things that might have been.

Sometimes it's a visit to regret...

What if I had said 'yes' to a particular job/invitation/business proposition
What if I had been tougher and said 'no' to other jobs/invitations/business propositions!

Sometimes it's a visit to relief...

What if I HADN'T said yes...or said no...

Yes I know it's not very healthy to spend lots of time pontificating over what might have been, but I think if we are honest, every does it, at least a little bit.  In some ways there can be a real pleasure in reliving an 'almost' moment - especially if it were one that held great promise.  And it can also be liberating to be able to look back and be just a little self-congratulatory about the excellent choices we made in the past!

The best part about looking back though?

The luxury of being able to go there when I want - but also knowing it's just a fleeting visit - and I'll be back in reality in the blink of an eye.

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