Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the effing rubbish on TV

Last night I turned the TV that's a rare event in itself...but there it is. It was 7.45 - not exactly adult viewing time, and the programme on offer was Hells Kitchen. The ironing was beckoning...ah I thought, a cooking programme, perfect brainless viewing for that!

Well, let me tell you that had to be possibly the most offensive thing I have ever watched. The language, well it was Gordon Ramsay, so I was expecting some effing and blinding, but seriously? An hour of one man blaspheming, swearing and shouting personal abuse at a group of adults who cowtowed to him, watching them scurry to his attention, getting thrown out of the was hideous. I found myself watching, compelled to see if it could actually get any worse - and it did. A party, drunk and naked chefs (eeewww), big hangovers, frequent announcements by the contestants of their need to 'go to the bathroom'.

I seriously cannot beleive that such humiliating and intimidating behaviour is allowed to be screened on TV. I'm considering writing to the broadcasting tribunal - their requirement is that a programme could be deemed 'in breach of good taste and decency'. In my view, verbal and emotional abuse, even knowing it has been edited for 'viewing pleasure' is beyond that particularl guideline.

NOw I am no prude, but if that's what is considered entertainment, I'm glad my television is no longer available to the children. And I sure won't be switching it on for myself at 7.30 on a Tuesday night any time soon.


JoGillespie said...

You are so right. I can't stand the man, for that very reason. I don't need abuse, and I don't need to see other ppl being abused. I don't need all that negativity in my brain. I hope you do write in. GR does NOT deserve his "fame".

Unknown said...

I posted myself on this very issue. I would like to add that I try to avoid watching this program and get annoyed with the promos being sprung upon me unawares. I don't think I have seen the 'violence is not ok' ad shown in conjunction with this abusive man. Its ludicrous and not a benchmark of behaviour I am willing to accept on national broadcasting. I turn his picture over whenever I see it in bookshops.