Wednesday, March 16, 2011


imagine there are 4 children playing in a garden. There's a fence around the edges.

The first child looks around at what there is to do. Sees the fence. looks at it briefly and goes back to the task of playing. the second sees the fence, walks around the perimeter of the garden, and goes back to play. The third looks up, goes over to the fence, looks for a gate, tries to peep over the fence, checks how sturdy it is, then goes back to the game.

The fourth, somewhat bored with the play, goes over to the fence. Kicks it to see how strong it is. jumps up at it. gets frustrated - ever glancing back at the game but keen to know what lies beyond. body slams the fence. shouts in frustration. returns, resigned, to the game.

Which kid lives in your house?
How strong is your fence?

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