Saturday, March 12, 2011

a hard days night

a tough 10 ten days in this house is almost over. The first few days after the dancing Queen had her tonsils out were seductively - and deceivingly as it turns out - easy. the past few days have been..well, !@#@!!! hard work!

we've had a really nice few days today - dropping the engineer off at school, and collecting him together, but spending each day either going on little outings, visits or mooching about at home. DQ has helped me sort cupboards and drawers as well as spending time converting her bedroom to a beauty salon.

As her throat started to heal, she started getting a fair amount of pain and for a child already prone to 'larger than life' responses, we are all enjoying the benefit of the healing process. this has resulted in her seeking undivided attention (loudly and vociferously), large doses of pamol, brufen, and rescue remedy - and everything just seems that bit harder than normal.

i find myself in the 'bad mother camp' more often than i would like...often getting impatient when i should be dispensing large amounts of sympathy, and also feeling stressed as the work in my office piles up by the day. she is getting bored, i am getting frustrated at the slow healing process, we are probably both tiring about of each others company!

her balance has been off (presume this is as a result of all the painkillers, as well as recurrent earache) and so she's had a number of bumps, scrapes and near misses. also, with it being uncomfortable to swallow, her food and drink intake is lower than it ought to be - bringing the added pleasure of low blood sugar (although interestingly has no problem with ice cream, chocolate and lemonade!)

then, just round off the week nicely, she fell off the new jungle gym - well you'd think the roof of the world had caved in. her arm is sprained (but not broken) but is miraculously flexible when required for altercations with younger brother...

I love my children beyond measure but my parenting love tank is getting a bit depleted this week!!!

whew....whoever said parenting full time was the easy option clearly never had kids....

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