Saturday, March 05, 2011

the pleasure in small things

As some will know, 8 year old daughter had her tonsils out on Wednesday.  She's had a remarkable recovery and being a pretty amazing patient but I am also being fairly careful about how much she's doing in a day (this kid is the energiser bunny even on a bad day).
So for the past few days we have had lots of down time, and I've had to be a bit creative about how to fill it - so as not to get to dinner time and have spent half the day in front of a DVD.

We have played snakes n ladders, she 'taught' me to play UNO.  We've set up a beauty spa in the bedroom, complete with a counter and booking diary at the door (it cost me $2 for nail polish!).  We've walked to the shop in the rain...we've danced in the lounge...snuck chocolate from the stories, written poems...all simple things but such pleasure to enjoy each others company.  A couple of outings - the ubiquitous trip to the $2 shop, a fluffy at a cafe, the dvd store for emergency and from school (how strange having a companion to pick up youngest child!)...

and today my brother visited and I made pancakes which we devoured straight from the pan, dripping in maple syrup....

Even the pouring wet weather has not been enough to 'dampen spirits'.  Umbrellas truly are beautiful pieces of technology!

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