Thursday, April 07, 2011

in praise of friendship

Friendship is an amazing thing to me. We tend to save our best for our friends I think. We might nag or criticise a partner, parent, child or sibling, but almost never a friend. We try to be on time for them, pick out thoughtful gifts for them , treat their children well, remember to ask them how they are (and really mean it...).

Friends are there for you in a crisis and can see you at your worst and still tell you you're fabulous.
They are there to cheer you on at your best, too of course.

Some are lifelong, some are for a season, some are people we might never even meet. The written word, even by way of an online conversation is such a great way to get to know another person. It's an opportunity to be just that TINY bit more honest that you might be in 'real life' I think! Often one of my favourite times of the day, is late at night, when it seems the whole world is asleep, and a friend 'pops in' on skype to chat...confidences can be exchanged, advice dispense (and received!) troubles shared, souls bared.

Much the same with a cup of great coffee, a glass of wine or a particularly delicious piece of chocolate cake - so much better shared with a special friend.

I believe that friendships should be, on the whole, energising not exhausting. that is someone is treating me shabbily they are not really a friend and certainly do not deserve my friendship.

I spent last weekend with 5 of my closest friends - 6 women, 1 house at the beach, an unmentionable amount of chocolate and more laughs than i could count.
It's a special break for us, no kids or significant others, just enjoying each others company - sharing the odd secret or two - and no schedules or plans to keep.

We can, and should delight in our friends company, and them in ours. Now, where is that cake...

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