Friday, March 16, 2012

the principal principle

...or should that be the principle principal?

I've been thinking some more about the things that I think might define me as a person.  I'm often going on about Energy Integrity Kindness as being the ''three legged stool'' (to copy a currently popular facilitator-speak term).  I use these words to describe both myself - and what I think is important, and also the things I value most highly in others.

As well as that there's the words that are shaping my year this year - Boundaries, Priorities, Deliberate.   Deciding what I think is okay and how far I will go with that (or not), what's important (or not) and what I will make a balanced and purposeful effort to achieve (or not).

I've been using the word ''principle'' a lot lately too.  It all sounds a bit moral highground-like but really what I am doing is putting together my three legs, and my three year-words, and summing them up in one statement. It's more than just values, morals or beliefs, although all those things fit in there somewhere. It's about thinking and acting on the things that really matter to me, whether they fit with mainstream thinking or not.  The things that ''sit'' with me and feel right.

What words are important to you? Could you describe what is important to you in just a couple of words? Do you have boundaries already in place?  How good are you at working within them?

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Unknown said...

Grace and Integrity. Without these life clumsily disintegrates.