Friday, October 07, 2011

strategic planning for people

I reckon that the same planning process that was used at my meeting yesterday would probably translate pretty well for the ordinary person.

Consider this: what if you could define and write down what your purpose in life was? In other words, what is your vision for your life, your reason for living, the thing you most want to leave as your legacy?
And then what if you could list your core values - the things you really believe and stand for, and try to live your life by?

How much easier would it be to make plans and set goals if you already had a life vision, and a set of guidelines!  Imagine the dream...apply the boundaries (ie does it fit my vision for my life, does it fit my values).  If it does, make the dream a plan...if it doesn't, start again, or find a redirection.

I think if we did this - and went back to it each year for evaluation, just like a business does (or should!), not only would our lives be simpler, more focussed, more DELIBERATE, but it would be so much easier to stay true to ourselves and reach the goals we really want to reach.

What is your purpose in life?  What are your values?  Do they match your hopes and dreams?


Anonymous said...

This is it! In a nutshell. Returning to simplicity, being rooted and having a clear vision. I really enjoyed reading your blog post as this is what I help clients come to in their holistic marketing: Clarity & Purpose. These principles can also be applied to life!

Katrina said...

I the moment I just seem to be struggling to survive one day at a time....maybe I need to start reading more and try and give myself some direction....but then again....tend to feel that there really is no purpose to what I do and that no one needs me anymore and now there is nothing

Broot said...

First I'd have to know what my purpose in life *was*. I still have no idea.

susan said...

I don't know if anyone really does...but i think it's a great exercise to try and work it out - i'd say it's morea bout thinking about the legacy you want to leave behind...or thinking about the thing/s you excel in and feel you can contribute to life?