Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween vs All Hallows

I have spent many a post discussing my tussles with my faith.  This year has certainly been one of questioning, challenging and evaluating (and that's just from within!).

And this weekend is Hallowee'n.      Rather than dismiss the whole occasion out of hand I felt it important to get a little more knowledge in order to make an informed decision.  There's so much conflicting information to be found about this (though Google and Wiki are two of my closest friends, in this case they have not been so loyal).

After a fair amount of reading (well, skimming really), I feel no clearer.  Whilst it seems fairly obvious that the celebration has it's roots in Christianity (All Saints Day), there is just too much that is close to darkness for comfort for me.  I like that some churches have chosen to make a clear separation and reclaim Halloween as a Christian celebration.

But as much as I loathe Trick or Treating (glorifed begging as far as I'm concerned), I am not entirely convinced that a Light Party is that much better...a church scrapes together all the money it can, and then as an alternative to guising (ie trick or treating) children can come along and be given the same ''high quality'' lollies and have a couple of hours of free entertainment.  Where's the Christian celebration in that I ask?

I am going to a party tomorrow night with Halloween theme.  I'm taking it lightly - dressing up but not as a ghost or ghoul.  The organisers have, partly as a result of a conversation with me, changed some of their decorations, as they are conscious of not wanting to offend or scare anyone (which demonstrates huge integrity I think, considering their religious leanings...or not).

I am most interested in an event being held in Australia this weekend:

What are your feelings about Halloween?  Religious occasion, too close to darkness, American sensationalism or something else?


Cardinal Cyn said...

Hi. My view is that it's a bit of american sensationalism driven by marketers wanting a buck. Back in September - last month - they already had christmas decorations in the shops for goodness sake! My sister in law thunders on with great intensity about the evils of halloween. I find it distasteful, but don't consider it as sinister as some.

Broot said...

It's a candy holiday. In Canada it's treated as a reason to dress up and eat candy until you're fat and stupid. ;) When we lived in Canada I really appreciated the effort some kids put into it - real kid-made costumes, not the ones you can buy at the store. And my hubby always had amusing ones (One year he went as "Captain Coupon" - he stapled expired coupons to his shorts and shirt and a towel he wore around his neck. It was a shared joke with my Mom and very funny.) I personally don't take it very seriously at all. Of course, here in NZ there's no point - it's not a culturally done thing. No fun when nobody else wants to play along. :)