Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life is beautiful

Today was a great day. This week has been a great week. It has, in fact, been a great month.

I've been busy.  Reconnected with some old friends.  made some new ones.

I've worked hard, studied a little less.  Played, a lot.  Discovered some new things. Shared some triumphs and confidences, celebrated some milestones, set and even met some goals.

And now, I am on holiday. I am staying with family, spent time with one of my closest friends today, and this week have had some awesome time, and fantastic conversations, with some of my favourite people

I cooked an amazing dinner tonight (if i do say so myself!) and there was literally not even a breadcrumb left in the dish - everything demolished with gusto by those I prepared it for.

Today I walked on a beautiful beach, marvelled at the crazy waves and wind, collected shells with my children.  Drank good coffee.  Bought a new dress.  Completed a crossword.  Took a long and uninterrupted shower.  Watched comedy and laughed.  Watched a documentary and discussed it.

The 'bug'i was fighting is nearly gone.

I have even had a a couple of good nights sleep in the past two weeks.

Tomorrow I plan to go dancing.  And the next night (why not make it 4 times in one week I say!).

Life is good.

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JoGillespie said...

I read this entire post with a HUGE smile on my face! Thanks for always posting things which either make me smile, or think - or do both! HUGS!