Tuesday, July 12, 2011

four seasons in one day

The weather has been incredible here over the past couple of weeks.

Fine one day, stormy the next, warm, cold, unpredictable.  

An early afternoon of sunshiney promise fast turning into a night of excitement - thunder, lightening and hail, and then, a nondescript who-knows kind of morning to follow.

Oh there were warning signs - that ominous grey cloud overhead, the uncanny stillness that often precedes a spectacular storm, the teasing rays of sun poking through the clouds each day, only to disappear in a flurry of rain, or wild wind.

And the aftermath?  Another weird combination of the inevitable and the unexpected.  The things I would expect be most damaged appear, on the surface at least, to have survived relatively unscathed.  The frost tender plants I am nurturing for spring have not been harmed at all.   The garden I look at everyday is worse for wear, but  will, no doubt, 'weather the storm', and in a few weeks be back to normal.  The longer lasting effects of such mad weather remain to be realised.
Seems to me the weather is like people...or is it that people are like the weather....subject to change, vulnerable to outside influences, and yet, at heart, both predictable and cyclic.

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