Sunday, April 24, 2011

facing the future and feeling the fear

A question appeared in my Facebook newsfeed this weekend -
What do you find more scary: feeling as though you are stuck with no options OR facing a clean slate with limitless choices?
It was fascinating reading the responses but what really amazed me was that I was the only person who said that I thought facing the clean slate was the scariest.
Maybe I didn't explain my answer well enough?
To me, being stuck with no options is not scary - it might be sad, frustrating, suffocating even, but there is no fear in it.
A clean slate, now that is scary! The unknown, that yet unseen - that is where the fear lies. And that fear is not even necessarily a bad thing - as I said in my own response, it's good to scare yourself a little every day! It might be exhilarating, imagining that future filled with as possibilities but is also scary moving from what you know (even if it's not where you want to be) to the unknown.

Above all though, the scariest and also the most exciting, the most risky, and the most potential rewarding, is to STAY stuck and do nothing, or worse, to face the future and not move into it.

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