Friday, April 06, 2012

a very Good Friday

So it's Easter, from today.  I have to admit, despite being brought up in church, living and breathing it for 40 years, in fact even working in paid ministry, I am still at a loss when asked to explain the nuances of the whole Easter thing.

I mean, of course I get that it's about the Crucifixion, the resurrection et al.  But why GOOD Friday? And how did the messages get so mixed.  Passover, the humanist spring celebration, the Christians marking Easter as the anniversary of Jesus death and subsequent rising from the dead.

Does it matter that these messages have got a bit mixed up?  As long as everyone is focussed on the things that are important to them and theirs?

Today I woke to an empty house and took in the peace.  There is hardly a soul around - I guess everyone is at the beach, making the most of a four day weekend  - and so the whole town is quiet.

I drank coffee, checked the headlines.  Had a visit from a friend.  Talked to one or two more on line.  Picked up windfall apples and feijoas.  Went to visit friends here from out of town.  Sat on the deck in the sun enjoying the beauty of this place I call home.

So far not an easter egg, or hot cross bun, as passed my lips.

I'm planning for a low key afternoon and easy dinner.

No work.  Just relaxing and enjoying the day.

Sounds like a very Good Friday to me.

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