Wednesday, April 04, 2012

trying it on

Lately I seem to have been spending a lot of time talking about self evaluation, the processes we go through as we age, and how we start to become more comfortable in our skin as we get older.

It's got a lot to do with emotional IQ i reckon (and I've already blogged on THAT a number of times) but also being brave enough to find the things in life that really ''fit'' us.  A bit like clothes, the stuff that we put on each day in order to face the world.

So, for example, we try on a particular religion or belief system.  Sometimes it fits like a glove on the first try.  other times it takes a while to feel comfortable, and other times, no matter how much we pull at it and try to adjust it ( or even suck in our wobbly bits to make it look better), it just never feels right.

Or, we test out a hobbie, or a career, or a lifestyle option that we like the look of.  Often times no matter how much will we have, it just never quite works out.

What about attitudes and values?  Have you ever tried to adopt an attitude than never quite fitted you - and it was obvious to yourself, and others that this was so?  Maybe you tried it on for a while - being more optimistic, or reserved, or self confident.  Maybe you did such a good job you managed to convince others you'd changed - in fact maybe you did.  You might have actually been able to sand off some rough edges and change yourself from the inside out.

But what of the things that you've been carrying around (wearing), for years, but still feel tight around the middle?  Are there some attitudes, or internal narratives that you need to check out in the mirror?  That are reflecting back a distorted image of the person you now are?  Maybe they need some minor alterations, or maybe they need to be discarded, just like the clothes sitting in your wardrobe, untouched and unloved - and completely wrong for you.

What are you ready to scrutinise, or send off for recycling?

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