Sunday, February 12, 2012

the things we do for love

- stay up until midnight creating a birthday cake that we looks fantastic, get it out the next day and learn that it looks nothing like the birthday boy wanted...but he loves it anyway
- have a houseload of kids come and mess the place up, and eat me out of house and home
- spend $10k on a new bathroom because the tween spends way too much time in front of the mirror and it's driving the rest of us mad
- drive a 75km round trip to pick up a cat for a birthday present, only to have same cat run away and have to do the same trip the next day
- spend $40 on party food that will mostly likely end up on the deck or in the pigfood and not in the kids mouths
- spend hours and hours on a sausage sizzle raising money for kids hobbies
- lie awake worrying about said cat, and wondering how to explain if it doesn't come back
- consider getting another cat asap and trying to pass it off as it's twin....


Broot said...

Now I'm singing the song. ;) Yep. My hubby swears that you should put a little bit of butter on the cats paws when you get it back - apparently when they lick it off they associate your house with the butter taste and remember it's home. Dunno. I've never tried it. What did the cake look like?

susan said...

did the butter thing...can only hope. would appear she is coming and eating and disappearing...
Did a cake like Rainbow fish and lots of fishy games.