Wednesday, February 15, 2012

do i have sucker tattooed on my forehead?

So I've started my renovations.  There's been a flurry of tradesmen coming in and having a look about, sucking on their teeth, making vague noises about mess and fuss...and offering me completely outrageous quotes for the work I'm requesting to be done.

I hasten to add here that some of the tradesmen have been fantastic, spending lots of time talking through what it is I want, offering suggestions and following through with their promises.

But I am sure that the minute the slightly less honourable ones realise that I am a single woman, they see an opportunity to pull the wool.   I can see it from their expressions...''ah someone who has no's an opportunity to make a bit extra"!  Call me a cynic but I am sure that if there were a bloke lurking in the background they would be rather more exact with their pricing, and would spend less time talking about how much dust they are going to create and more on the details of what they are actually needing to do.

I'm a pretty independent kind of girl, heck up until recently I even owned my own chainsaw (I sold it because I just wasn't get the use of it...).

But I know my limitations and I also want to trust the people that come into my house to do the jobs I am not able to do.  I just wish they'd treat me as if I had a few more clues than they think I have.  In fact, why not treat me like a bloke.  that'd work.


Cardinal Cyn said...

tradies. yeah. good luck with that one.

Dave said...

Put some beer in the fridge bud, be over soon..