Monday, January 16, 2012

working under pressure

There's no doubt about it, I'm a tidy freak. I like being organised. I LOVE decluttering.  There's always just one more thing that could be chucked/recycled/donated.

I'm also pretty organised, and have an electronic diary which reminds me each day (as well as 3 days, and 24 hours before the event) what I need to remember or achieve.  I do lists.  I tick them off. I have New Years resolutions and usually keep them.  I take a list to the supermarket.  I mend stuff.

I like tidy cupboards.  I have a capsule wardrobe.  All my bills are on automatic payment.

Which makes me sound like a total control freak right? (Moi!?!)....

But I have a guilty secret - well at least, it was a secret until now....And this is it:  I work best under pressure. Which means...
- I tend to operate in bursts of super high energy, but those are easily squashed by long periods of faffing about.
- I put things off and then do them all in a mad rush - like starting the ironing at 10 pm.  Or washing up the dishes right when I should be leaving for work.
- I don't spend a leisurely hour getting ready to go out to dinner - it's a ten minute mad rush right before I should have left already
- I have this awesome reminder that tells me when my bank account is getting low - but rather than monitor it, I wait until I get the insistent beeps and then transfer money right on closing time.
- I leave getting a haircut until I really should have had it done a week before.  Ditto colour.  Ditto Warrants on the Car.

I guess you could say I work on Just In Time.

It works for me.  Most of the time.  And I doubt I can change the habit of a lifetime, no matter how much I wish I was cool calm and collected.

I liken myself to the duck gliding serenely on the water for all to see, but actually paddling like mad underneath...

What's your work style?


Broot said...

You KEEP your resolutions? How rare are you!! ;) I like to be organised too.

Cardinal Cyn said...

very descriptive! it doesn't make you sound like a control freak, but you might have a touch of the adrenalin junkie in you! me? i can always find something better to do when it comes to housework. but i love planning and organisation as well. my words are: order, structure, organise, plan, strategy, calm, unsurprised

susan said...

plans and goals is probably a better description than resolution. And now i have them in my iphone so there's no excuse:)
yes an adrenalin junkie, but not for things that are high risk...or high exercise for that matter. Energy rich - that's what i like to call it!!!