Friday, January 06, 2012

living out loud

Over the past couple of weeks I have used my phone to it's fullest capacity - taking photos of the children at every opportunity and creating a visual diary of their summer, all the while posting it on Facebook for the viewing pleasure of friends and family abroad.

It struck me that there is something rather narcissistic about doing this...really truly who is interested in looking at (often not very good) photos of my kids with other random friends.  In locations most people have never been to, and are probably unlikely to ever get to.

A friend of mine once said that she took the most photos when she was the most unhappy....that is, that when she was content with her life,  she could allow it to simply unfold around her.  When things weren't so good she would take dozens of photos of herself (with friends, socialising mainly) as if to convince herself what a fabulous life she actually had.

Times have changed a bit since that comment, particularly with the invention of the digital camera and instant uploading - but I think possibly the sentiment still stands.  I want the children to be able to look back and say ''wow we had a great time then!'' long after they can no longer remember it.  And, whilst many of those photographs make the public forum of Facebook, many more are carefully put in a real photo album, and more still are in a digital album on the computer.

I would hate to end up like the ubiquitous Japanese tourist, who spends their whole holiday viewing a new place from behind a camera - only really getting to appreciate it on their return home to the projector screen.  But truth be told I enjoy capturing those fun moments and sharing them with others - or at least imagining that others will enjoy looking at them as much as I do.   And some days, yes, I do need to be reminded how good my life actually is.

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Broot said...

I always forget to take my camera and my phone camera is horrible.