Thursday, August 02, 2012

Go ahead: make my day

After all the stress and late nights, at last the Business Awards have been and gone.  The process took, all up, abut 9 months, and culminated in a very fancy night at a very fancy venue, for 300 guests in very fancy dresses.

I didn't know any of the winners - or even the finalists - until they were announced on the night and so it was a nailbiting and exciting couple of hours - and great elation when many of the businesses I work closely with were given awards.

And, as always there were a number of businesses and individuals who didn't make it into the top two or three.  For them I was disappointed - partly because every one wants to win on the night don't they? - and also because there were a few that I felt were extremely deserving.  To those businesses I offer both condolences and encouragement that they will enter again next year.

I a society, do we do well at recognising excellence? Are we good at celebrating success?
Sure, there are amazing events like the Olympics, and grand ceremonies such as these Business Awards held all over the country - but I would suggest that on a day to day kind of basis, we are not so good at giving praise or honouring those that excel.

When was the last time you offered positive feedback to someone?  When did you last send a letter - an email or text even - to a business that gave you great service?  Do you make a habit of thanking people for what they do for you?

We are pretty good at telling our kids that they are terrific.  Most of us do an 'okay'' job at giving positive feedback to friends and partners.  But in the wider community, I'd suggest not so much.  Sometimes it can take a whole lot of of your own effort to acknowledge someone Else's effort.  But a simple 'well done'', especially if its in writing can really make a persons day.  Given to someones boss or their colleague, can have a real impact on a persons performance.

My challenge to you is this:  next time you receive great service in a store, or notice an educator going the extra mile for your child, or see a friend go ''above and beyond'', tell them.  Write it down.  Buy them a card.    Make their day.

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