Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This week I watched 'Motherhood' a movie starring Uma Thurman about a day in the life of a mother in NYC - she's a blogger, has two kids, a bike with a flat tire and a birthday party to organise. it wasn't even a great movie but it really resonated - it was so easy for me to identify with her.
I have referred to myself sometimes as a 'semi-conscious' kind of mother - you know, I WANT to be TV free but i'm not quite there yet, my kids should eat healthily but I still sometimes put chips in the lunchbox, I like cotton sheets and woolen jumpers - but polyester and fleece just wash and dry so much easier!...
Lately I've been reading - there are heaps of inspiring stories and ideas (yeah some of them are mind...) but I've decided that most are an ideal not a reality - so much easier to think this way and then less chance of feeling inadequate - we women are pretty tough on ourselves and each other anyway!
nevertheless, here's my bits of wisdom and tight-assing for this week:
held a babyshower for a friend having her 4th baby, who SO doesn't need anymore 'stuff'. So, on the advice of another friend this is what we did:
instead of a gift, each person brought a frozen meal for her to keep for D-week.
instead of huge amounts of food (although there actually was) with hours of preparation, I made 2 fondues - a cheese/wine and a chocolate. Each guest brough something to dip.
Easy as.
Secondly, I've started my Christmas shopping...yeah I know...I sell Avon and buy from the bargain bin for distributors, take advantage of all the free with purchase offers, make a trip to the $2 shop about 4 times a year and spend say $20, and keep my present box (an old suitcase) topped up. The kids can 'shop' from here for birthday presents too - it's easy because I'm not having to monitor the money they're spending and I know everything in there is 'appropriate'! And now I'm about 75% done, just the foodie type stuff to get right near Christmas. feeling smug...

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