Tuesday, October 24, 2006

sleepless in.....

i have the worlds most sleepless child. thought it was just me, but turns out that it's the 'last taboo' . and i thought that was death....or masturbation....or affairs!!!!

so after 4 years of broken sleep, i thought i had it made, and then i get another one who this time, only sleeps 45 minutes at a time. what to do! read loads of parenting books, what a load of !%*&. they all smugly state that it's just a matter of time/training/attitude and things will come right within a few days. huh, not my kid! and i AM NOT prepared to let my child cry for ever and a day, as far as I'm concerned that's called breaking a spirit, not teaching good sleeping.... so looks like i'll be riding it out for another 4 years....quietly getting on with it and welcoming the quiet comments from other mothers who admit, yes, their child wakes alot too!

where are you! and what is so wrong with it, apart from the severe sleep deprivation I mean! it's up there with demand feeding, and all those other 'alternative' ways of parenting. I refuse to be brow beaten into doing it the Gina Ford way, the Babywise way et al. Four years ago these were radical ideas, how they are the way everyone parents. What is going on?

We look askance at Truby King and the rigid Parentcraft methods of the 60s. will we feel the same about all these Nanny 911 type styles in another 15 years. Food for thought.

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Sasha said...

Hi there, you left a post on my blog out of an act of serendipity or providence ;) and I'd like to add a post to yours. Have you read "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weissbluth? Not that you really care to read yet another book on parenting. Here's the amazon link:

It is not emotionally driven like most parenting books, it's written by a doctor who studies sleep, so we found it to be very helpful. Hope it is enlightening if you're up for another read.

Best wishes, Sasha