Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The one video about faith, sexuality, and all things God and Gay that everyone should watch

My readers know this is an issue I have strong feelings about this - and nothing sums up my thoughts better than this video.

Substitute the word Catholic with Anglican/Pentecostal/Christian...whatever...the message is the same - powerful, challenging and humbling.

More details is at - a terrific website for anyone with faith type questions.

That is all.  As always your comments are welcome.

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Linda Silvester said...

I don't get this video admittedly I skipped through it trying to understand what its about - is it that some people want to join the Catholic Church for some reason I can't understand. Although my husband of 25 years father of my children is wanting to be a Catholic and needing to annul our marriage and children. I think its so he can get married x3 in the Sloane Square Cathedral in a fancy suit.