Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Christmas - the 2014 Christmas poem

A busy year it’s been alright, for Joseph, me and Niamh
A year of highs and lows indeed, and some hard to believe
The Christmas cards are still to write, the Christmas mince to make
The presents still remain unwrapped (and forget the Christmas cake!)

For me, a change in job of sorts, Raglan Chamber’s mine to run
The hours are long, the brain gets worn, but it’s calorific fun
One office overlooks the sea, the other glimpses snow
There’s always someone new to meet, and somewhere new to go

Prime Minister to lunch one week, a journalist the next
A black tie do, a lunch or two and planes to catch betwixt
Conference in Nelson, Auckland for a meeting
For me there really is no doubt, this job would take some beating

Niamh is now a ‘tweenager’ – she think that it’s the best
Fashion mad, its iPad games, loud music and the rest
Tonight she has some friends to stay – 5 kids awake all night
Makeup, music, DVDs – I’m the coolest mother, right?

This year she’s climbed two mountains, and danced at her first ball
She’s learned to cook, and clean (a bit), go shopping at the mall
Learned piano, Met John Key – and some pop stars too
Loves to read at bedtime, only ‘Girlfriend Mag’ will do

Joseph’s doing well at school – he really is quite smart
Especially when doing maths, or working on his art
Still dreams of building rockets, and shooting into space
But says he won’t leave Mummy, nor stop living in this place

He’s also quite a reader, a book a night at least
Keeps a torch beside the bed, and reads beneath the sheets
Back at scouts and loving it – camps and knots and stuff
Although prefers some comfort – this boy don’t like the rough!

So as I stop, reflect, say thanks, for all the joy we’ve had
A tough and busy year and yet I’m stoked with where we’re at
Yes there's been some ups and downs but now it’s time to pause…

A very happy Christmas from us, to you and yours

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