Monday, January 27, 2014

dreams for the year ahead

So, a month into the New Year and already some of my ''must do in 2014'' list has been ticked off.   It's a wide and varied to do list - experiences, jobs for completion, places to visit.

The children have had a wonderful summer packed with holidays with family and friends, and I too have had a great break - escaping home several times with my lovely to far flung spots of NZ but also just hanging out at each others houses with wine and music. We have had the real luxury of lots of child-free time which I become more and more certain every relationship needs. There's been lots of down time for all of us - and the first for me in many years, and both deserved (obviously:)) and needed.  Cooking simply, shopping for food little and often, starting the days slowly and the ending them in the same vein truly makes for a reviving break.

I've also, as always, had another frenzy of sorting and have managed to donate a full car load of things to a day care centre, rehome two outgrown bikes to next size down kids,  sell a heap of things on TradeMe (who knew I even had anything left to sell...) and do another wardrobe cull resulting in a box of lovely things doing the rounds of my friends as we speak.

I've spent way too much money this summer - mostly on holidays and gifts, and of course the new car - but am hopeful that a change to employment (another thing on the to-do list) might help with that. In the meantime, an upcoming payrise with help with the post-Christmas pain.  I want for very little (as long as I keep away from the glossy brochures....) and think that as I get older I become more content with simple pleasures and less longing of 'things'.

That said, there's still some BHAGs on my list for this year - some dependent on the employment situation, and so I plan to keep them under wraps until the way is clearer.  But ultimately I hope for more of the same - fun experiences, meaningful time with family and friends, stable employment, good health and maybe a little more wealth.

It would be easy to offer a wish for the same for all who might be reading this - and of course I really do so with heartfelt sincerity - but it's also so easy to be trite about ''good wishes''.

What do you REALLY want this year? Have you made plans? Dreamed dreams? Are you brave enough to share?

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