Monday, December 23, 2013

All I want for Christmas

As I tidied up the kids debris post a ''can i sleep in her room'' sleepover a couple of nights ago, I came across letters to santa that they must have written whilst hidden under the blankets.

''Dear Santa, I really don't want much for christmas this year because I already have so much'' was how one started.  the other was written in a smilar vein, and wished santa health and happiness. it made me feel pretty good, I have to say!

Here's my own christmas list....

From the summer edition of the village voice
(with a couple of changes....)

All I want for Christmas
This week both children have come home from school with 'letters to Santa' , written in their best handwriting, and detailing the gifts they hope to receive. Let me say here that i am quietly confident that Santa will be rather impressed with my children's suggestions in terms of the SIZE of their gifts, but possibly less excited about the value!  
I have been feeling pretty unChristmassy until now - maybe it's the last minute mad rush of winding up in the office, the continuous stream of end of year parties and the (yes I know I'm complaining!) already oppressive heat - or maybe it is just not time yet for me to get my tinsel on.  The tree is up, the lights are hung, and most of the presents are bought, but I haven't even yet decided what we will do on Christmas Day (that's another story for another time).
I do however have my own Christmas list.  I'm not too fussed about gifts - I'm more of a ''quality time'' and ''words of endearment'' kind of person myself.  So, what I want for Christmas.... for the children to get through til New Year without being stuffed full of sugar and artificial colourings (given to them by others, not me) a good nights sleep to be able to get a pile of cherries from the tree on Christmas morning to get through the next ten days of madness and stay sane (or pretend to be...) to avoid hearing Snoopy's Christmas, which I'm sure contributes to the spike in crime, alcohol consumption and bad tempers the world over because it's just so darned annoying to resist the shops for just a few more days and be satisfied with the shopping I've done
... is the company of wonderful friends and family, some good food, an engaging book, and maybe a nice glass of champagne a few fine days, maybe a couple of hot ones, and not too many rainy ones lots of kisses and cuddles from the people who matter most

To everyone in my favourite part of New Zealand, best wishes for a smooth and happy start to 2014, and may the true spirit of Christmas be with you.

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