Tuesday, November 06, 2012

gimme gimme gimme

Okay, I confess. I lost the plot a bit on Friday.  I raised my voice...nay, shouted. Quite a bit.

It was Friday night.  We'd had a busy week, the kids and I.  Athletics, Guides, playdates, music lessons, the Light Party, a trip to BK.  Hardly a tough week when it came to kid indulgences.

Unfortunately for me (or them, as they pointed out), the circus was in town and we weren't going.  I'm not one for circuses myself, something about the clowns that freak me out, and so it's not something I am particularly excited about going to.  Especially at $35 a ticket - and that's not even a seat near the front.  They begged. I said no.  They pleaded. I said no.  They whined.  I said no, more vehemently. They told me Everyone Except For Them would be going.  That if I Really Loved Them I Would Take Them.  That they didn't get to go ANYWHERE and it WASNT FAIR.

I pointed out the previous weeks activities.  And yes, I'll admit it, my voice got a little louder with each thing on the checklist.  I reminded them that I Wasn't Made Of Money.  I explained my position.  I didn't bother with reasoning, I just put it all out there.

Finally, eyes agog as they witnessed me lose the plot on the fifteenth (or was that fiftieth) ask, they conceded that they wouldn't be going to the circus.

The next day one child went for a playdate/sleepover at best friends, and the other went to an all afternoon and most of the night birthday party.  On Sunday we had errands to do, but I added in Subway for lunch and a quick coffee stop at a kid-friendly cafe.  We saw more friends.  It was a lovely day.

Until, on the way home, I was told:  ITS NOT FAIR! WE STILL DIDN'T GET TO GO TO THE CIRCUS

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