Thursday, October 11, 2012

a lifetime in a decade

This time ten years ago I was on the brink of first time motherhood. And it certainly is true what ''they'' say - that nothing, absolutely nothing, can prepare you for this experience.

Its still all SO clear to me, from the first labour pain, to holding that beautiful new baby in my arms.  Her first words, first steps, first trip to the beach.

The ten years have been a lifetime of ups and downs for our family, and although much of it is not the path I would choose, I have, sleeping just down the hall, an amazing human being.  A feisty girl with talent and spirit and spark.  One who has a very defined sense of right and wrong, one who is quick to react and just as quick to forgive others.

My ten year old has a great group of friends, many of whom are coming to share the day with us tomorrow.  Doting grandparents and adoring cousins.  A little brother who thinks she's absolutely wonderful and also his favourite person to tease and squabble with.

She is brave and fearless in a crowd, or on a stage, but still cries if she skins a knee.   A great sense of style and a love for  sparkle and bling - and a penchant for comfy trackpants and a pair of crocs.

A love of pop music and, surprisingly obscure jazz.  A taste for spicy curry, imported olives, iced chocolate and chicken chips.  She loves to read magazines and cookbooks, watch Masterchef on TV and transform her room into a hairdressing salon one day and a beauty spa the next.

Shes a water baby who can spend an hour in the bath, or a day in a swimming pool and still want more.  She dances, every day, and has taught herself to play the piano.  She has an affinity for language and dreams of one day visiting Paris and speaking French.

We are best friends most of the time, arch enemies occasionally, and share a fierce and protective love for each other.

To my amazing dancing queen: I love you to the moon and back.

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