Monday, December 12, 2011

All I want for Christmas for my family to be able to be in the same room for more than two hours and get on - or at least pretend to for the children to get through til New Year without being stuffed full of sugar and artificial colourings (given to them by others, not me) a good nights sleep to be able to get a pile of cherries from the tree on Christmas morning to get through the next ten days of madness and stay sane (or pretend to be...) to avoid hearing Snoopy's Christmas, which I'm sure contributes to the spike in crime, alcohol consumption and bad tempers the world over because it's just so darned annoying to resist the shops for just a few more days and be satisfied with the shopping I've done
... is the company of wonderful friends and family, some good food, an engaging book, and maybe a nice glass of champagne a few fine days, maybe a couple of hot ones, and not too many rainy ones lots of kisses and cuddles from the people who matter most

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Broot said...

mmmmmm I love cherries. And now I have to go listen to Snoopy's Christmas to remind me of what it sounds like (before I remember how annoying it is!!) Great list! I'm glad you posted. I was wondering where you were! :)