Thursday, November 03, 2011

spoiled for choice

I recently started a new job and one of my first tasks was to organise a cocktail party with an expected guest list of 150.
The party is tomorrow night and RSVPs are still trickling in.

I guess it's possibly because people are not particularly interested in it...but I suspect it's more likely that they are leaving it until the last minute to reply, just in case something better comes up.

A friend organised a party for a dozen or so people...on the night, all but one cancelled.

I have so often organised an event and not had people confirm their attendance until the very last minute.

It seems to be indicative of our society.  We have so much choice, so much immediacy of information (remember the days when one would phone a week ahead at least to confirm something!) - I think it is turning us into a bad mannered and selfish world.

It seems to stretch to relationships (see the serial dater), careers (few people stay in the same career for a life time), hobbies and interests - we do lots but rarely commit to something for more than a short time.  Or we will happily give something up in favour of a better opportunity and to heck with commitment or just giving our word.

Have you ever been dumped for a better offer?   Ever ditched a friend or an event because something more exciting came up?



D said...

the word commitment came to mind before I read to that part.

I think we like to keep our options open in case we get a better offer. It is a problem that pervades our society.
I hate it if I suspect an comittment someone has made to me is changed due to a better offer. So I try to stick by my word.
People do respect people who stand by their word.

Steve P. said...

Yes, Susan, I've been left hanging before when someone that had plans with me found something better...but I'm always glad to get an invitation somewhere, and can't even remember the last time I had more than one invite for the same day/time. If only...

Anonymous said...

If there is a date that you have to confirm by I always do and I would never not go because something better came up, I would feel so guilty! But if there isn't a confirmation date then it's more likely I will decide I don't want to go out (not that I have something more exciting to do!)

nuttycow said...

You see, this is why I don't have parties as such, I have gatherings. Therefore when people cancel on me, as they inevitably do, it doesn't matter so much.

Rule of thumb when organising a party though - always invite 1.5 x more people than you'd like to come. (so if you'd like 10 to be there, invite at least 25-30)

wornoutwoman a.k.a. Kimberly McKay said...

Parties are always stressful... so glad to get back to your blog. I've been away for way too long. :)